6 Benefits of Metal Roofing Over Traditional Asphalt Shingles

Despite roofs being a fundamental part of our homes, and responsible for keeping them protected from the elements, the roof materials we choose can often be overlooked. There are many options out there for roofing, but consumers are often stuck when it comes to which roof to choose. Metal roofing in Lancing is becoming more and more popular, and many homeowners are opting for it over traditional asphalt shingles, and here’s why:

  1. Metal is One Tough Cookie – Why would you choose a weaker material for your property? It’s durable, strong and won’t let you down, unlike asphalt, which doesn’t withstand the elements as well. Metal offers a longevity that asphalt just can’t compete with.
  2. Warranty – Because metal is such a durable material for your roof, warranties for metal roofing are often much longer than those for asphalt shingle roofing. The use of zinc- galvanised technology means that metal roofing will have an extended lifespan, lasting as long as five decades or more (dependent upon a number of factors). With many homeowners searching for the best investment when choosing their new roof; metal roofing wins.
  3. Our Name Says it all (Eco Metal) — Metal is a much more energy efficient choice against asphalt shingles. As metal reflects the sun, it keeps homes cool all summer long, meaning air conditioning can be kept at an all time low, or even off all together. Metal roofing is often produced from recycled metal too; great for the planet as well as your home.
  4. Metal roofing Looks Good on Lancing Homes (and anywhere else!) — An investment in a metal roof may be the most practical option for your roof when it comes to high quality roofing materials, but it’s also a stylish option for your home. In fact, customers can choose the perfect tone and shape for their homes, so it won’t just keep your home incredibly well protected, but – being a better looking choice over out-dated asphalt – it’ll look good too.
  5. Money back — Insurance companies offer discounts on policies for homes with metal roofs, but not for those with asphalt tiling. As well as this, with metal roofing being a more popular roofing choice for prospective homes owners, metal roofing can also add value to your home, meaning that as much as 95% of the costs can be recovered when selling your home.
  6. A Better Investment — It’s said asphalt roofing lasts just half of the time that metal roofing does, so to stay in a home for 5 decades would mean re-doing your asphalt and paying once more for roofing. With a metal roof, there will be no need to re-roof, and at just $5.99 per sq ft, it’s an affordable one-time price.

With metal roofing Lancing being something that’s regularly searched for, we aim to provide reliable information about the high quality roofing that we provide. Homeowners are moving on from the asphalt roofing that lets them down over time, but with metal roofing from Eco Metal, we are sure you won’t look back.